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                                              2N ON AIR: Hands- on Edition

Forget about slides, presentations and monologues. The April edition of On Air will offer 60 minutes packed full of practical information, tutorials and hands-on demonstrations. We’ll be showing you our latest products and solutions and subjecting them to some rigorous testing in the lab.

Sign up for 2N On Air if you’re:
  • A professional in the field of door communication and access control systems
  • Looking for innovative and reliable products for your residential and office projects
  • Interested in the transition from analogue to modern IP products 
  • Bored by conventional presentations and monologues
What can you look forward to?
  • An hour packed full of information on innovations in access control.
  • Testing the durability, speed and reliability of 2N products.
  • Lots of practical tips on how to make your day-to-day work more efficient.

     Hosted by
Sinead, a professional host and innovation enthusiast
  Let’s talk residential
William Besson, Area Account Manager, concluded a deal for the largest residential project in the history of 2N
What do customers implementing residential projects need? William will reveal the power of 2N products and how to sell them in residential projects, big and small. He may even reveal the secret of becoming a successful salesman.
  Lab 1. Singing in the rain
Jacob, a well-known YouTube artist and ruthless tester
Rain won’t harm the 2N IP Style intercom. But does the touchscreen intercom react to raindrops as if they were the touch of your fingers? Jacob will try it and compare the result with one of the top smartphones.
  The fastest configuration is in My2N
Vojtěch Suchan, Area Account Manager, My2N Platform Ambassador
In the vast majority of installations, setup on the My2N platform is up to 90% faster than conventional setup in the product web interface. Vojta will show you that My2N is much more than the 2N Mobile Video service. It’s an efficient platform for setting up and administering residential buildings.
  Lab 2. Double impact
Jacob, a well-known YouTube artist and ruthless tester
Don’t be fooled by the glass surface of the 2N IP Style intercom. It can withstand quite a lot. You can look forward to knocks, blows, bashes, bangs and a really good thrashing.
  Office discussion
Gareth Robinson, Solution Manager, the voice and heart of 2N
A laptop in one hand, coffee in the other and the door in front of you is locked. Is there any way to open the door at a time like this? Gareth will let you into the secret. And he’ll tell you a whole lot more about access control systems in office buildings.
  Lab 3. Open Sesame!
Jacob, a well-known YouTube artist and ruthless tester
With products by 2N, there are lots of ways to provide authentication at the door. Can you remember all of them off the top of your head? We’ll explore their individual features in our lab.
  Integrate with the BIG players too
Radka Talianová, Technology Partner Manager, Queen of Integrations
We will reveal two major technology partners whose names are shaking up the world of access control systems. On which projects can you come across these partners? What benefits do these integrations offer? Radka has the answers.


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